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The importance of recycling

We are at a critical juncture where we need to innovate and collaborate to drive recycling rates upwards and deliver a truly circular packaging economy.

The lifecycle of a HDPE milk bottle

In this video you will see the various stages of the lifecycle of a milk bottle, from manufacture to recycling.

Polytag’s solutions aim to help increase the number of milk bottles that are recycled, ensuring a circular packaging economy.

Polytag’s Digital Deposit Return Scheme successes

In this video we show the success of two Digital Deposit Return Schemes in the UK – one in Greasby, Merseyside, and another in North Wales.

With over 90% engagement rates in both pilots, we have demonstrated the success a Digital DRS can deliver.

How a DDRS works

This video shows how our Digital Deposit Return Scheme worked in Conwy, North Wales.

Our intuitive app

This video shows our unique app that we have developed with ease-of-use in mind, ensuring Digital Deposit Return Schemes can be delivered effectively.

Sustainability is non-negotiable

Sustainability is now a commercial imperative. Consumers, government and investors are putting increasing pressure on businesses to operate in ways that protect the environment. Those that do not adopt credible and quantifiable sustainable practices, will not be able to survive.

Polytag describe, tag and trace technology will enable businesses to operate in more sustainable ways, so they can maintain and improve commercial results.