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Aldi milk bottle and label with six tags

A new way to trace recycling behaviours

Aldi will deploy Polytag’s invisible UV tags onto its milk packaging. With the Polytag’s unique UV Tag Readers installed at Biffa Teesside recycling centre, item-level recycling data is captured in real-time, providing the retailer with insights on the quantity of its packaging that is actually recycled and allowing Aldi to track an item’s journey through the recycling process. 

This previously inaccessible packaging lifecycle information will help the supermarket accurately measure and track its performance against its sustainability targets, such as halving its plastic footprint by 2025.

Alice Rackley, CEO of Polytag, said:

“Leading retailers in the UK are awake to the fact that the only way we will truly tackle the waste problem in this country is by using data. Gaining access to real-time packaging lifecycle information will be a game-changer, enabling retailers to develop a greater understanding of their products’ journey and make meaningful progress towards their sustainability pledges.”

Alice Rackley Polytag Digital Deposit Return Scheme

Luke Emery, Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi UK, added:

“We are constantly working to be a more sustainable retailer, so we are excited to see how Polytag’s technology will enable us to access and analyse more data around our packaging lifecycles, and use these learnings to accelerate our progress towards our sustainability goals.”

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