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Polytag is installing Polytag UV Tag Readers across recycling facilities in England and Wales as part of our mission to describe, tag and trace materials across the circular economy. With plans to expand into more UK facilities and Europe, soon data showing the traceability of plastic packaging will be easier to access and understand. 

Polytag_UV Reader

UV Reader Technology.

The machines are retrofitted onto the plastics conveyer and unlock data that local authorities, recyclers and brands have never seen before. 

Polytag is working with brands to print 2D data matrixes on their packaging in UV ink, which is invisible to the human eye. It just takes one extra printing plate for brands, which is low cost and works with their existing printing method.

The installation of this kit will help brands and local authorities deal with upcoming environmental and packaging legislation, including Extended Producer Responsibility, Digital Deposit Return Schemes and Plastic Packaging Tax legislation.

Biffa Teesside Invisible Tage Reader

Polytag’s Invisible Tag Reader kit at Biffa Teesside

Co-op bottles under UV light.

Invisible Tags are a low-cost solution, enabling brands and recycling facilities to understand what, when and where packaging is being recycled.


Download Our Report On A Unique UV Printing Process That Will Enable A Digital Deposit Return Scheme